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Sunday, February 28, 2010

George Rose Estate

The George Rose estate was located off what is now the north service road of the Long Island Expressway in Old Westbury, New York. Built by architects Hoppin & Koen, it was typical of many of their designs, with high wings that seem to compress a tight center wing.


Kevin P. said...

This mansion is gorgeous, what a dream of a place.

Nile said...

This is a beautiful house and setting.

Sadie Jay-Edwards said...

George Rose was my great uncle. I do not know much about him, what I do know is that he was born in Hesse-Kassel in Geremany 2-25-1841. Came with his father to America at about the age eleven in 1853 and settled in the Catskills with his father. He was an attorney in NYC in the 1930's and whom in the 1940 live at the Rose estate on Long Island near Laurelton (the beach near the old Tiffany Estate)Would love to know more information about him and his family.

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