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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elm Court, Sands Point, NY

Click HERE to see photographs of the french gardens and to view the house before it's demolition.

Sefton Manor at Mill Neck , NY Robert Leftwich Dodge Estate

Sefton Manor, later known as Mill Neck Manor was built for the Robert Leftwich Dodge family
at Mill Neck, New York.
Click HERE for information on how to visit Sefton Manor during the current Designer's Show Case 2010.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Entrance Hall of Pembroke

Above is a rare view of the entrance hall of the Captain De Lamar Mansion, Pembroke at Glen Cove, New York. This view also shows the organ grill for the Aeolian organ which Pembroke like any other mansion of the gilded age would have had. Organs were the entertainment centers of the day. No mansion would be complete without a pipe organ and Aeolian was considered the best. There are many accounts that organs caused great stress during the design process when planning out these homes since the owners wanted to show them off and architects and designers wanted to hide them, since they often did not fit in with the desired period of the rooms. Click HERE for a youtube slide show about the F. W. Woolworth Mansion, Winfield Hall at Glen Cove and views of it's pipe organ as concealed behind a carved paneled wall.

Click HERE for more on Pembroke.
New York Townhouse
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