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Monday, April 9, 2012

" Walls Speak",The Narrative Art of Hildreth Meiere

I recently visited this exhibit on the great Art Deco Mosaic designer, Hildreth Meiere at the Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan. It is a beautifully executed show and her magnificent work made the buildings that it is incorporated into even more magnificent. She worked with the architect Bertram G. Goodhue, and other well- known  20th Century American architects such as Raymond Hood, Ralph Walker and Marginnis & Walsh. Click HERE to learn more and about visiting the exhibit on display till May 20, 2012.

Hildreth Meière (1892-1961) is an important figure in our cultural and artistic history whose legacy is receiving much-deserved attention in Walls Speak: The Narrative Art of Hildreth Meiere, an exhibit at New York’s Museum of Biblical Art.  Meière was an accomplished Art Deco muralist and mosaicist whose work adorns some of the most impressive structures in our country – but few know her name. She received her first major commissions from leading architect and mentor Bertram G. Goodhue and went on to complete over 100 projects over the course of her career at the Nebraska State Capitol, the National Academy of Sciences, in D.C., and Prudential Plaza, in Newark, NJ. Meière left her mark on New York City’s vast landscape as well, creating an exterior relief sculpture for the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the medallions on the façade of Radio City Music Hall, and the decorative coloring of the Red Banking Room at One Wall Street.  She was a consummate artist who gained the respect of the greatest muralists and architects of her day. This resulted in her being the first woman honored with The Fine Arts Medal of the American Institute of Architects and the first woman appointed to the New York City Art Commission.
This is the first presentation of Walls Speak to focus exclusively on Meière’s magnificent work for synagogues and churches. Her work currently decorates the apses, altars, windows and vaults of some of the most beautiful sacred spaces in the New York metro area, including Temple Emanu-El, St. Bartholomew’s Church and St. Michael’s Passionist Monastery Church.  Visitors to the show will rediscover a major American muralist whose cutting-edge approach to design, material and technique propelled her to prominence at a time when few female artists had gained acceptance and whose artistry richly enhanced houses of worship.

Please visit the following links for further information.
Wall Street Journal article on net:    Recalling Art Deco Stylist Who Defined City 

Link to MOBIA with exhibitions photos: http://mobia.org/exhibitions/walls-speak#slideshow6  
Press release from mobia for internet:  Meière Press Release   
An artist's video about Walls Speakhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuapJUC2Ihg
Additional information about Hildreth Meière can be found at:

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NYarch said...

The banking room at 1 Wall Street is a little known masterpiece of mosaic art in NYC. The walls and ceiling vaults glow when the sunlight streams in from the vertical windows. Unfortunately with heightened security at many buildings these days I have heard that people are usually turned away when asked to view the room.

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