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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gatsby's Mansions

Beacon Towers, built for Alva Vanderbilt and later owned by William Randolph Hearst.
Is often referred to as the model for Jay Gatsby's mansion in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"

Pembroke, the estate of Captain Delamar, was the scene of many great parties during the Roaring Twenties.


Anonymous said...

Great Views! I could live in both of them!

Kevin P. said...

Beacon Towers, what a sight that must have been! Just found your blog and I am amazed.

Turner Pack Rats said...

so, why did WRH ditch this place? the wanton destruction of all these places is mind blowing but his one wasn't even 30 years old. up here in the sticks, we have mobile homes older than that.

security word def - "brapho" - famous pre- lady gaga playtex model from the 30's

ps - on OLI, the security word appears before i post comment. here, i have to go back and edit comment, add definition and post again and i get a second security word. this time the second one is too good to pass up.
"gored" - altho described as an amicable split, what tipper was

natasha said...

great library of pictures. I lived at Lands End for 11 years before moving out to Stony Brook. Sadly it will be torn down this week.

maryanne said...
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