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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oheka / Villa Sanita 1939

The former Otto H. Kahn Estate at Cold Spring Harbor, New York when it briefly served as a vacation home for the New York City Sanitation Department.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Are you familiar with the absolutely wonderful newsreel video of Oheka when the Sanitation Department bought it? Given your resources for finding pictures, I'm sure you do, but if not, it can be found on the Oheka website. Total fun.

Gary Lawrance, AIA said...

Yes, I am familiar with the Oheka website, gets better all the time. I live on Long Island and was there when it was a burned out ruin. So glad it got saved, mostly because it was too expensive to tear down. I have a ton of files and photos, most of them in the ancient 35 mm slide form , which I convert every now and then.
I put things up at random because I like to share them and sometimes I am brief with the descriptions, If I waited till I was ready to check out all the dates and facts, nothing would ever get put up, but if anyone ever wants to know more, I always try to answer it. Enjoy the blog!

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