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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Gilded Age Movies"

The following are some favorite movies of mine which either use Gilded Age Mansions or are about Gilded Age Society.

"The Age of Innocence", is one of Edith Wharton's most famous novels. Old Westbury Gardens and The Cutting Arboretum at Great River, New York are used as locations. Click HERE for trailer to the movie.

"The House of Mirth", really gives an inside look into New York Society of the Gilded Age. Click HERE for movie trailer.

" High Society" with Grace Kelly. One of the best movies ever about Newport.
Click Here to watch Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm sing, " Who wants to be a millionaire" Click HERE to watch the opening sequence with a flyover of Newport circa 1956. Click HERE to watch the original trailer.

"High Society" was based on the play, " The Philadelphia Story" which also became a movie. "The Philadelphia Story" is about an heiress from Philadelphia's Main Line and is often thought to be modeled on the life of Helen Hope Montgomery Scott and her family estate, Ardrossan. Click HERE for a clip from, " The Philadelphia Story" , which starred Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.
Ardrossan & Scott Family Links.
Helen Hope Montgomery Scott

While " The Betsy" is supposed to take place in Michigan, it uses Rosecliff in Newport as the family estate. Click HERE for preview.

In " From the Terrace", The Smith Mansion off 25A in Muttontown is used as a backdrop in this Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward love story.

" Mr. North" is based upon the Thornton Wilder novel, " Theophilus North". Takes place in Newport and is filmed in many of the Mansions there. Click HERE for movie trailer.

" The Heiress" , based on the Henry James novel, "Washington Square" is about New York Society when it still resided in Washington Square. Click HERE for movie trailer.

" Stella Dallas" is one of the original tearjerkers about a social climbing woman who gives up her daughter, so that she could be accepted by society. The Brokaw Mansion in Glen Cove is used as a backdrop. Click HERE for movie trailer.

"Holiday" is about a poor Joe, "Cary Grant", who meets a beautiful woman on vacation and upon returning to New York, goes to visit her. Her address is off Fifth Avenue and assuming she works at the grand townhouse he approaches, goes to the servants entrance to call on her. He later discovers she is the daughter of the man who owns the townhouse and from one of the oldest, most socially prominent families in New York society. While the movie takes place in New York, the interiors are most defiantly movie sets. They go way beyond the splendor and elegance of even some of the most magnificent townhouses that were ever built in New York. The story has many twists and turns and is one of my favorites, if not just for the interiors. Click HERE for opening sequence.


Karena said...

Gary I have only seen a couple of these grand movies. Thank you I will look to rent them!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

I just added some of the films you listed on Netflix, lol.

The original "High Society" (The Philadelphia Story) with Katherine Hepburn was great also, the family estate was quite beautiful.

I like "Dinner at Eight" as well, Jean Harlow as a nouveau rich socialite is a hoot. "My Man Godfrey" was great as well.

Riel of Lorien said...

Thank you so much for this post! I follow your blog for a while now (from Germany) and this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for! Thank you!!!

MysteryWriter said...

I'm with Kevin - I just went and added all of these to my Netflix queue. Can't wait to watch them! I also added Hepburn's "High Society" and "Dinner at Eight"

Gary Lawrance said...

Hi Kevin, I loved that movie also, "The Philadelphia Story", was based upon a real life socialite Helen Hope Montgomery Scott and their great family estate, called Ardrossan,out side Philadelphia. "Dinner at Eight" is also a classic!
" My Man Godfrey", is another wonderful movie about "Madcap Heiresses".

Gary Lawrance said...

Thank you Karena, I'm going through my collection which is ancient, mostly on VHS, if anyone knows what that is?
Keep a look out, more to come!

Gary Lawrance said...

Hi Riel, Thank you for the compliment. I want this blog to be about sharing all the things I love about the " gilded Age".

Anonymous said...

Also "Topper" take place on Long Island and Manhattan during the last part of the gilded age.

Paul S said...

I revisited The Age of Innocence recently and enjoyed it immensely.
The wonderful performances,sumptuous costumes, locations and cinematography make it a soothing treat for anyone with tired eyes or mind.

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