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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rizzoli Bookstore is Closing in todays New York Times

Well the end is here for the Rizzoli Bookstore! The building will be demolished, but hopefully Rizzoli will find a new location. For all of those in the New York City area, they are having a closing sale, ending April 11 with up to 40% off. Even if you are not planning on buying any books, you should go see this great building and space. This is one of the truly last great bookstore spaces in New York City. Please click this link to read about it in today's New York Times. The book, " Houses of the Hamptons 1880-1930, by Gary Lawrance & Anne Surchin is also available for 40% off. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/03/garden/deals-at-rizzoli-modani-pollack-and-treillage.html?_r=0

Houses of the Hamptons 1880-1930 is available for 40% off until April 11 at the closing sale of  the Rizzoli bookstore.

 To add your comments or to read how others feel about this great loss of New York City's most beautiful bookstore, please visit the facebook group, Mansions of the Gilded Age. If you are not already a member, please ask to join over 7000 others sharing their interests in the Gilded Age Era and it's architecture.



A Super Dilettante said...

Hello. Good afternoon. It's so wonderful to see your new post. It sounds like a great bargain (40% discount) for the book you recommended: "Houses of the Hamptons 1880-1930". Since I live in Britain (Scotland), I shall have to look it up online on amazon. I am always interested in your erudite writings on architecture from the bygone era. I am sure that this book written by you would be excellent.

With warmest wishes, ASD

A Super Dilettante said...

PS. I am now on your followers list and I shall look forward to reading your future posts.

Gary Lawrance said...

Thank you so much and I am sorry about just getting back to you. I run a group on facebook, called Mansions of the Gilded Age. If you do not already belong or would like to, please join. But I do make longer more in-depth posts here.

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