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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Newly found photo of the grand staircase of the Astor Mansion on Fifth Avenue

Grand Staircase of the Astor Mansion on Fifth Avenue, posted on Mansions of the Gilded Age.

On the Facebook group, Mansions of the Gilded Age, many of our members share amazing things that have been sitting in closets, in old books or dusty photo albums. Here is one case where a very rare photo of the staircase of the Astor mansion was found. I will post some more about this soon, but wanted to share this wonderful image.

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Anonymous said...

This is spectacular!! I've always held a deep appreciation and fascination with Gilded Age mansions, especially the Astor mansion. I wish photos of the upstairs area would surface. Maybe someday they will. Is the source of this photo known? I'm looking forward to your blog about this photo. Gary, I've always found your blogs to be informative, educational and well, fun! Keep up the good work!

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