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Friday, January 1, 2016

Three Ladies Lunching

Three ladies lunching. The lady on the right begins to tell a story. It was just dreadful what happened this morning. I posted a lovely photo of my new hat from Paris on my favorite Facebook group and so many of the members thought it was the most beautiful hat they ever saw. Then some horrible person said it looked like something that a chorus girl would wear. My friends defended it, but then he went on and said they were all tasteless idiots. I gave him a piece of my mind and then he responded with something that made my maid faint! WELL, we all got into a horrible back and forth and it went on for over 200 comments! Then do you know what he DID? He BLOCKED ME. Me of all people who was trying to reason with him. It just ruined my whole morning. Lady fixing her hat says, I always BLOCK everyone who isn't pleasant on a Facebook group. I do it all the time now and never have any reason to use my smelling salts anymore!

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