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Monday, July 25, 2016

"Wings of the Dove"

Wings of the Dove
"Wings of the Dove", a 1997 film based on the 1902 Henry James novel is another wonderful film that also uses Venice as a background. The basis of the story is about a young woman named Kate, played by actress Helena Bonham Carter, born into a wealthy family, but once again like that of Lily Bart in the House of Mirth, must find a wealthy husband. Kate doesn't like the man who her aunt has picked for her and is in love with another man Merton Gambon, unfortunately not wealthy. As the story goes on, Kate meets a very rich young American heiress, named Millie, who she learns is very ill and expected to die soon. Kate invents a scheme to have her poor boyfriend meet the heiress and plans to have them fall in love. After Millie dies, she expects that Millie will have left her fortune to Merton and he will then marry Kate. Things do not work out as Kate planned and the ending leaves everyone unhappy. Another visually beautiful film, haunting soundtrack and Gilded Age locations. Not to be missed! Click HERE for the movie trailer.

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