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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

"Salutations" The Estate of Junius Spencer Morgan III at Glen Cove, Long Island, NY

Salutations, Glen Cove, NY

Junius Spencer Morgan III was the grandson of the famed finanical Wall Street wizard, J.P. Morgan.
Heir to millions he was able to lead a life of leisure and splendor. One of the pleasures he was able to enjoy was a magnifiecent estate and mansion located on a private isand near Glen Cove, Long Island, NY. The estate was named Salutations and is a grand stone structure designed by architect Roger Bullard in 1928. I will be adding to this post but here are some links to see the house when recently listed for sale. More Information and Images below.

Sales Listings
Sotheby's Brochure
Other Sources
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Sabrina 1995
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Salutation Island 
Salutations, Glen Cove, NY Aerial

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