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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of my favorite TV series was "One Step Beyond". It was similar to the Twilight Zone, in that it focused on stories about the supernatural and mystery. There were many episodes that took place in mansions, which during that era were often movie sets. One such episode takes place in a Paris Townhouse around 1900 and is about a young girl and a great chandelier. I especially love the music, entitled, "On the Terrace" which is available on an album from the show on Amazon.

Click HERE to watch!


Anonymous said...

I loved it! I need to watch more of this series now. Chandeliers are one of my favorite things, especially in movies, they add drama and grandeur.

Have you ever seen "The War of The Roses" with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner? My favorite scene in that movie is when they are hanging from the huge crystal chandelier in the entrance hall of their mansion.

Gary Lawrance said...

Yes, I remember that scene. One Step Beyond was one of my favorite series. A lot of it is available on DVD.

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