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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whitemarsh Hall Photographs

Click HERE to see a nice series of photographs of the Stotesbury mansion, " Whitemarsh Hall ".


JWC said...

These photographs are fantastic. I'm a huge fan of your blog... there's always something beautiful, inspirational, or significant.

Anonymous said...

I understand that at the time this was the most extravagant and expensive estate built. Also, one time they had a party and gave as party favors uncut diamonds and rubies. The gems were hidden in sand, and the guests were given little shovels and pails (I forget what they were made of) to dig for them.

Eva Stotesbury died peniless. Hard to believe!


Old Grey Dog said...

Wonderful views . . . most from a vintage 16mm film it appears. Ties right in with James T. Maher's chapter on Whitemarsh in "Twilight of Splendor." Thanks for the postilng !!!

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