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Friday, February 10, 2012

Looking Back at Manhattan's Lost Gilded Age Mansions

The William Salomon mansion at 1020 Fifth Avenue
Click HERE to read this great article in Curbed New York, about the lost mansions of New York City, such as the Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion on 57th Street. The William K Vanderbilt mansion at 660 Fifth Avenue and the Senator Clark mansion along with many others. Click HERE to read about the William Salomon mansion at 1020 Fifth Avenue.

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NYarch said...

Oh to be able to turn back the clock and walk up 5th Avenue when these stunning homes lined the street. I understand the reasons for their demise; taxes, loss of servants, high maintenance, inheritance, etc., but if only a few of these stunning gems still existed. Love the Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion and Senator Clarks awe inspiring fantasy palace and the huge Schwab Chateau and the Salomon townhouse contained some of the most incredible (but least well known) interiors of the group. The Brokaw complex of mansions was replaced by an eyesore. So sad to realize that these architectural treasures are all gone. What is that quote again? we will be judged moreso on what we tear down than what we build? How true.

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