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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitemarsh Hall after Demolition

Whitemarsh Hall, The Edward Stotesbury Estate.
I have never been able to find an expression in words for the majestic simplicity and beauty of the new house, which is so satisfying, so thrilling in its loveliness that it sometimes brings tears my eyes when I see it in the moonlight.

This was from a letter which Eva Stotesbury wrote to her Architect, Horace Trumbauer upon moving into the magnificent 140 room mansion called " Whitemarsh Hall". Tears of sadness would now come to her eyes if she saw that very little today remains of her home, demolished in the 1980's after being ravaged by vandals and set on fire.
Here are some views of Whitemarsh Hall after it was demolished and before the land was developed into townhouses. I was unfortunately never there before to see it standing. I was there in late afternoon and wish I had been there earlier. If one were to come up with a number of the mansions that have been demolished, I am sure it would be in the thousands. As an architect, I know how much work goes into designing, constructing, landscaping and decorating any home. To think of all the craftsmen laboring carving stone, hoisting it up, in pre-machinery days. The painters getting it just right, the time to chose the fabrics , the moving of mature trees and planting of flower beds. I could go on and on. If you chose to share them, please credit, Courtesy of the Gary Lawrance Collection and Mansions of the Gilded Age, http://garylawrance.blogspot.com/

Entrance Portico at Whitemarsh Hall

View of the front facade of Whitemarsh Hall after being demolished.

Architectural sculpture scattered about the site of Whitemarsh Hall.

Entrance drive to Whitemarsh Hall after demolition.

Rear terrace showing one of the flanking reclining ladies after demolition of Whitemarsh Hall.

Architectural sculpture of the demolished mansion, Whitemarsh Hall.

Reclining ladies at Whitemarsh hall after demolition.

Sculptured plaque from the demolished Whitemarsh Hall.

Rear terrace looking towards the entrance columns of the demolished Whitemarsh Hall.

More architectural sculpture of the demolished mansion.
Another view of Whitemarsh Halls rear terrace after demolition.
Click HERE for the best website devoted to Whitemarsh Hall. If you are a member of facebook, there are two groups there, Fans of Whitemarsh Hall and Remembering Whitemarsh Hall. Also I post on my Facebook, Gilded Age Mansions, so please friend it if you like. I have other pages and groups related to Gilded Age Mansions, so click HERE if you would like to find out more about them.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Stunning photographs---very evocative, and quite unlike any other demolition photos I've seen

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