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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Veraton, The Cravath Estate at Lattingtown, New York.

Veraton II, The Current location of the Creek Club at Lattingtown, New York.
Veraton, The Lattingtown estate of Paul Cravath. This early 1900's estate was destroyed twice in huge fires and Mr. Cravath rebuit a 3rd Veraton on another property in Locust Valley. The site became the location for the prestigious "Creek Club", which is still there today. The entrance gates and allee still serve as the driveway to the new club buildings, which are off to the east. The site of the Cravath mansion remains empty. See it today on Bing Maps. Below is view of the first Veraton.
Veraton I, The first mansion of Paul Cravath which upon burning was replaced by the house above.

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Anonymous said...

That wonderful mature allee of trees cries out for a culmination end point. Too bad the Creek Club did not build their facilities at the end of the drive.

Gary Lawrance said...

Yes, I always wondered why also, Maybe it was for the very fact that it would be TOO impressive.

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