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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fifth Avenue Childhood Home of Huguette Clark

The Fifth Avenue Mansion of Senator William A. Clark, the father of Huguette Clark.
 Here is a photograph of the Senator William A. Clark mansion that once stood on Fifth Avenue & 77th Street.
Huguette Clark was the daughter of the Senator and spent her early years here. The house was torn down in 1925 and Huguette and her mother moved to apartments at 907 Fifth Avenue. Click HERE to see and read more about the Clark mansion.


Anonymous said...

Facinating family. Huguettes spectacular jewelry went for $21,000,000!! I guess the art and furnishing will come up soon...


Anonymous said...

here is a pic taken by John B.Trevor in 1904?

Gary Lawrance said...

Great view! Thank you Anon.

NYarch said...

One of the most spectacular Gilded Age townhouses built in NYC or anywhere for that matter. While criticized in its time as being too ostentatious, as if that was not already on display up and down 5th Avenue, but it contained very sophisticated interiors and a highly reputable collection of artwork that few could rival. Sadly one can only experience the 5th Avenue of this era in photos like this. Great photo.

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