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Thursday, May 10, 2012

School of Flaunt

Here is a new book which I wasn't able to put down. Actually read the whole book in two days!
It is fun, refreshing, witty and actually serves as a guide to those who aspire to a life of style and chic.
So if you got a ton of money and want to spend it properly, or if you want to be able to converse with your rich friends, this is a must read book!
In the vein of great books about society, like Cleveland Amory's, "Who Killed Society" and, "The Last Resorts" this book brings it all up to date!

Read some reviews.

"The School of Flaunt Handbook is a symphony of Bling Bling and Kling and Kling! My head was ringing from all the information garnered from this book! Anyone who wants to have fabulous "Star" style then this book is for you!" Ed Asner, Emmy award winning actor.

It's not a book, it's a passport for living well., December 6, 2011
D. Scott Tjaden (Saint Louis, MO, US) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The School of Flaunt Handbook (Kindle Edition)
Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke tell the viewer their insightful, insider stories with candor and humor. A reminder for those brought up correctly, but also a passport for transporting anyone to a level of living that one deserves. Coupled with the illustrations created by interior and fashion designer Joel Woodard, this omnibus encapsulates the meaning of self-respect, honoring yourself, and positive projection... and reveals the expected rewards that follow. Bravo!

Must Read Book of Manners and Taste!, January 28, 2012
Mary Helen McCoy - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The School of Flaunt Handbook (Paperback)
These two authors have explored the good, bad and ugly of today's living with humor and wit. Having been brought up "old school" like Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke I could just "see" some of the examples pinpointed in the book.I gave a copy to my daughter-in-law at Christmas and she was hysterical with laughter. So, this goes to say that the book is for the young set as well as an older set...Enjoy!


Dovecote Decor said...

I found you through DED and will be sure to download School of Flaunt. It will be my next guilty pleasure. I am looking forward to perusing your other posts. You might enjoy my post on Reynolda House, R.J.Reynolds estate in Winston Salem.

Gary Lawrance said...

Liked your post on the Reynolda House! That is what is so great about blogs and social networking, we find places that we didn't know about.

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