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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Floor plan to Inisfada, the former Brady mansion at North Hills, New York

Please forgive this crude sketch of the first floor of the Inisfada mansion. I am working on a better one of this and the second floor. Please come back and visit again.

Click HERE for more photos and links about Inisfada. 

For those who have Facebook accounts, please ask to join the group, Mansions of the Gilded Age for more stories about Inisfada and to make comments, ask questions or just mourn this great loss with others who made web sites and tried to make the world and the local community aware of this treasure that should have been saved. Mansions of the Gilded Age has over 5000 members worldwide, which shows how many people love these rapidly disappearing architectural masterpieces.


Anonymous said...

Disgraceful and sickening to see this happen in 2013. We have learned nothing about preserving our historical monuments in this country and care so little to let a small group of idiots running the village of North Hills sit by and see this developer from Hong Kong destroy this mansion. Long Island preservation is dead and SPLIA should be utterly ashamed at their lack of action. Get buildings landmarked. Work with towns to ensure this does not happen again. Make the apathetic public aware of all the benefits to landmarking and educate people to what is in this area, in our own country. People travel to Europe and marvel at the beautiful buildings. That is because they dont let things like this happen.

Anonymous said...

SPLIA, aka the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities is completely ineffective and should just close their doors. Their board and trustees should be more than embarassed as they party and preach to the choir, their members, and did absolutely nothing constructive to save Inisfada. A pitiful preservation group. This demolition should never have happened, but I am sure nobody at SPLIA gives a crap as they pander for their end of year donations.

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