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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Inisfada, Jesuit Retreat House at North Hills, New York Demolished

Inisfada,The Village of North Hills, New York Demolished


Anonymous said...

Was this a surprise? The Long Island preservation community has been pitifully inept all these years trying to educate some of these towns to the advantages of preserving such structures within their communities. Instead all that we will get is yet another over priced subdivision on Long Island where formerly existed a one of a kind Gilded Age manor house. A disgraceful outcome. A slap in the face to Long Island preservation efforts.

Anonymous said...

The Long Island preservation community is a self absorbed, do little if nothing at all group which has failed miserably in their mission to preserve what landmarks we have left in this region. This unjustified demolition is an embarassment and just adds to their poor track record of accomlishing zero in the last few decades. If not for private preservation minded individuals like Gary Melius to name but one man, little Gold Coast architecture woudl still be in existence. SPLIA, which is the "Name" preservation group in these parts should hang their heads in shame. pitiful.

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