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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roslyn House

Roslyn House, a typical mansion of the Great Gatsby era.
Aerial of Roslyn House at Old Westbury during the Great Gatsby era.
Built for Stanley Mortimer, Sr. in 1891 and later owned by Francis P. Garvin, this Tudor mansion was surrounded by some of the most unusal gardens of it's time as seen in the above aerial photograph from 1926. This house and estate was unfortunately demolished in the 1970's.


John Foreman said...

Hi Gary - What a lot of nifty stuff on your blog. I believe 2 rooms from the east end of Roslyn House survived demolition and are now incorporated into the present modern structure. You can just make them out in google maps' satellite view. Happy New Year!....John Foreman

bolton said...

Hi Gary - I went to an auction of the garden ornaments from Roslyn House in the early 70's and won a wonderful dolphin pedestal. My friends in Westbury remember camping with the cub scouts on the grounds of the gardens with below ground level service roads. I also attended a dog show on the estate in the 70's. I wonder if there are good photos of the gardens?

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