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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meudon, The Guthrie Estate, Lattingtown, New York


Kevin P said...

The second picture from the top looks like something out of a shot from a opening sequence of a movie.

Gary Lawrance said...

Meudon was one of those houses you had to see. I never saw it, but I have been to the ruins. It was built of a cream colored brick, which you can still see on the entrance posts.
I am not sure if it was one of the greatest houses, but I think it had a magnificent setting, and the with all the gardens, it must have been one of the most awe inspiring houses from the sound!

Old (Former) Long Islander said...

On the second aerial photo, the print appears to be inverted. Great shots! I was lucky enough to have the exterior of the house before, as well as during and after demolition. Larger than life!

Gary Lawrance said...

Thank you, it is reversed. came form an old 35mm slide, I will have to fix it. The demolition pictures are dated 1959, unfortunately taken by someone with a shaky hand. The are really much worse than posted. photo shop helped clean them up.

Turner Pack Rats said...

also interesting how they boxed in the loggia to increase the size over time and did it asymmetrically. one of the greatest losses, i think as this one worked synergistically with the landscaping. very impressive.

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Michael said...

I was married at Peacock Point in the early 1980s and later lived in "Lockjaw Ridge" behind St Johns Church,and next door at "Whispering Pines"
I now live back in the UK but love to see the photos.

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