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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farnsworth, The Locust Valley estate of C K G Billings

Entrance Gates to the C. K. G. Billings estate.
While the mansion and caretakers cottage no longer remain, the garage and stable buildings have been converted to private residences. The gates still survive, but lead no where and are heavily overgrown, almost unrecognizable.

The Georgian style main house was designed by architect Guy Lowell in 1915. The Billings family sold it to the Wallis Bird family who lived there until the accidental death of Mr. Bird. Mrs. Bird later spent many years in Europe leaving the house short staffed, to fall into ruin and abandonment. The house was demolished in the 1960's and now the estate is subdivided into smaller lots.

Links to more about Farnsworth and it's owners.
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Susan Smith said...

Do you have a photograph of the Farnsworth garage? I was told it was a 27-car garage to house Wallis C. Bird's car collection. I am the editor of an online magazine called Thousand Island Life Magazine and we are going a story about a property he owned in the Thousand Islands.

Gary said...

Hi Susan,

Yes, I have seen photos of it. Let me look, when do you need it by? You can also contact me by email in my profile, to give me your email.

JT said...

What's left of the estate just came on the market for 7.2M with Lynx Realty.

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