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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Lands End" Sands Point, Long Island

Lands End from the Sound
Click HERE for Jen Ross Photographer's blog with photographs and pictures of the exterior and interior of Lands End in ruins.Go to main gallery of Jen Ross


Click HERE to see story about Lands End on the Today Show.
Click HERE to see story and ruined photos of Lands End on the " Daily Mail".



The Devoted Classicist said...

Thanks for the link. The Jen Ross photos are a wonderful last view of the house.

Jen Ross said...

Thank you for posting a link to my photos, Gary. Also thanks for the Today show link. I hate to be nasty but the interview with Brodsky truly makes me feel ill. There is simply no way that he bought the place for 17 million dollars and only found out later that his family objects. He intentionally let it fall apart so he could sell it and now he has the audacity to go on television saying that he will "pay homage" to this "special place." What a sad fate for this beautiful piece of land and history...

Mme.Magpie said...

I was so sorry to read that tLands End in Sands Point, is going to be torn down. You see, I know that house well. I grew up in Sands Point, a child of the 40s and 50s there. At that time, Sands Point was dotted with enormous older mansions, some of which were even then closed , due to the cost of heating and the spiraling rise of real estate values.
As kids, we used to rise our bikes (and one horse) down the many bridle paths that crisscrossed the woods behind the mansions. We would find an unlocked window, climb in and play Hide and Go Seek.. We would post one child to latch out for police cars. If he spotted any, his job was to shout, "Cheese it, the cops!" We would dash to our bikes (or horse) and disappear swiftly down the bridle paths into the woods, where a police car couldn't follow. If the police had caught up with us, my father – who was both the Mayor of Sands Point and as a result also the Police Chief – would certainly have been notified, and all hell would have broken loose at home.I didn't care because we had such fun, it was worth the risk! In fact, we were respectful of the Gatsby mansion and the other mansions we played Hide and Go Seek in.We were careful and respectful of the house, and never damaged it in any way. No trash and no damage. Only memories of childhood fun.
I can't imagine today that children would be given the hours of unrestricted freedom that we all enjoyed and considered to be our right as kids. It is a great shame that all these links to a storied past are being destroyed.. (Too bad Jackie Kennedy isn't with us today to lead a push to save them!). For the most part, the old mansions remain only in the memories of people my age and older, and we are getting fewer, of course. Soon there will be no physical signs that these glorious buildings ever existed and that glamorous parties once took place there.) Only Fitzgerald's book will remain, unfortunately.
That long-gone life is so different from the life I have lived for many years in Washington,DC that it seems entirely alien. Tonight, my son-in-law, an architect in the US Navy, has been ordered to return to Cairo to restart work to expand a US Navy-supported research hospital on tropical diseases. He will leave behind my 5-month old granddaughter and his wife, my daughter Alisoun.They had been evacuated only a few weeks ago under pretty difficult circumstances. Now that's today's reality!

Diane said...

Hello, I just discovered your blog (via several links from Little Augury) and am enjoying what I've read so far. This aricle is a heart-breaker! How sad that so much beauty is left to rot...We in Pittsburgh PA are blessed to have the Henry Frick mansion, Clayton, which has been lovingly restored and is available for visits.

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