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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Senator William Clark Mansion, Fifth Avenue New York

The Senator Clark Mansion on Fifth Avenue & 77th Street. The Childhood home of Heiress Huguette Clark.
View from 77th Street of the Senator Clark Mansion.

The phenomenal mansion of Senator William Andrews Clark at Fifth Avenue and Seventy Seventh Street.
Considered to be the largest and most opulent mansion along New York' Fifth Avenue, " Millionaires Row".

Here is a little  pun about the Clark mansion written at the time of it's construction.

"Senator Copper of Tonopah Ditch made a clean billion in minin' and sich. Hiked for New York, where his money he blew, bildin' a palace on Fift' Avenoo. 'How,' says the Senator, 'kin I look proudest? Build me a house that'll holler the loudest. None of your slab-sided, plain mossyleums! Gimme the treasures of art 'an museums! ...
Build it new-fangled, scalloped and angled, fine like a weddin' cake garnished with pills. Gents, do your duty, trot out your beauty. Gimme my money's worth, I'll pay the bills.' Pillars Ionic, eaves Babylonic, doors cut in scallops resemblin' a shell. Roof was Egyptian, gables caniptian. Whole grand effect when completed was — hell." — Wallace Irwin, 1912

Click HERE for the history of the Mansion and family.
Floor Plans of the Clark Mansion 
Interiors of the Clark Mansion at the Museum of the City of New York
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960 Fifth Avenue today 
Early Exterior of the Mansion 
Completion of the Mansion
Demolition of the Clark Mansion


Anonymous said...

The full story on Huguette Clark is at http://clark.msnbc.com/. (Odd that you haven't linked to this site, whose reporter has led the coverage of the Clark case from Day One.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, the ceiling of the Clark Mansion dining room and some panelling of the petit salon were in a wonderful mansion not far from new york city. the mansion in question is Greytone Court. this house have a website at www.greystonecourt.com. I'm very happy to see this very exeptional woodworking safe in a beautiful house. thanks

alain drapeau

Stephen Conrad said...

When the Clark Collection was opened in it own wing at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, if I remember rightly, some gilded rooms were incorporated into the display of his collections. These surely came from the NYC mansion too?

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