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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Gates to Knollwood

The gates to Knollwood.
Here is a great photo of the gates to the Hudson estate in Muttontown, Long Island. The mansion has been long torn down and the property is now a nature preserve and until recently the gates where in ruins. They have just been restored. Click HERE to see the story. For more on the estate please go to, Old Long Island.

Here are a few more pictures.
Gates with the Meadow Brook Hunt in front of them. Reminds one of  a scene right from Downton Abbey, which many of the Gold Coast estate owners aspired to recreate the English Country life.
Knollwood from the Garden.


NYarch said...

The gate restration was done very well by the town, they should be praised. Unfortunately the elegant entrance gates now only serve as reminders of the lost mansion and gardens which once were there.

Gary Lawrance said...

Yes, so often you pass by beautiful gates and wonder is or what was once down the driveway.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad, many talk about preserving beautiful works of art, but they forget real estate.

No, not every estate is good, but there are a great many who are, and they have carefully been planned to show what money and good taste can do together. Just like a master painting they should be preserved for people to enjoy.

Michael Eye said...

What is the location of the gates?

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