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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The great fountain at Whitemarsh Hall, The estate of Edward & Eva Stotesbury

Here are some views of the fountain at Whitemarsh Hall. The Edward Stotesbury mansion now demolished.

The center fountain on the rear lawn of Whitemarsh Hall before being ruined.
Click HERE to see Whitemarsh Hall after demolition. 
Close-up of fountain detail.
Sculpture at side fountains.


NYarch said...

Senseless destruction and disregard for such a beautiful and elegant home and garden. We will never see such a place built again.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best photo's I've seen of the fountain and south side of the mansion. Other photo's are either in B&W or after the mansion was in shambles, which is how it looked when I visited in the mid-1970's. Do you know when these photo's, and those of the Grotto fountain, were taken?

Unknown said...

by the looks of the fountains and the mansions condition in the background I would say absolutely has to be late 60's

Donna said...

What a great fountain, and these are such great photos of it, too! Thank you for sharing them. Would have loved to have seen the indoor wall fountains inside that mansion too, though, but I'll just have to enjoy this very nice fountain by itself ;)

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