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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Hill, The Henry Carnegie Phipps estate at Old Westbury, New York

The Stowe/Phipps mansion at Old Westbury.
This estate was designed by famous architect, John Russell Pope, who also designed many of the great buildings in Washington, D.C. It was originally built for the  William L. Stowe, then Henry Carnegie Phipps bought it. It remained in the Phipps family until recently and now the property is being made into new smaller estates, still retaining the beauty of the property with its now mature trees and landscaping. Sadly the mansion above was demolished by the Phipps family in the 1970s and all that remains is the terrace. Click HERE to see a video brochure.

1 comment:

archibuff said...

A very sad loss of a magnificent building and one that should not have occurred, especially in the 1970's. If only we were wiser and more forward thinking when it comes to preservation on Long Island. Unfortunately we are not.

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