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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Save the Rizzoli Bookstore from demoliton

Save the Rizzoli Bookstore Building from Demolition
Demolition alert! Rizzoli one of the few remaining great book stores in New York City is about to loose it's building. Please visit SAVERIZZOLI.ORG and sign the petition to help make this building a landmark. The Rizzoli building is like a mansion of books. Please share this with all your friends, and any other groups that you feel might be appropriate. https://saverizzoli.wordpress.com/

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Anonymous said...

have we become a society so thoughtless and greedy that we sit by and allow this magnificent treasury of books, yes books, the old mansion facade and the incredible plasterwork and bookstore interiors to be swept away for yet another high-rise condo for foreign billionares to park their money? Rizzoli celebrates books, long before gadgets and tablets came onto the scene, everyone had the pleasure of turning a page and reading text contained within a leatherbound cover, many times with beautiful illustrations or photos and artwork. It engaged your senses and opened young minds to dreams and fantasy and adventure. Now we stare blankly into glowing screens on a subway or at the beach devoid of any sensory pleasures. Rizzoli is a much needed treasure in this cold electronic world. IT is part of a row of 3 old mansions on 57th Street, themselves some of the few remaining vestiges of old Gilded Age New York in midtown Manhattan. The row deserves to be landmarked. The developers can do what was done at Bendels on 5th Ave, save the facades of the 2 mansions to the west and preserve Rizzoli in its entirety. They can build their glass tower behind the mansion facades but for gods sake, how much can we lose to yet another anonymous glass box? Where is the outrage that NY Landmarks actually said the bookstore is not landmark worthy? Then what the hell is? IF not this institution of learning and imagination and discovery? Outrageous. The Landmarks Commission needs to clean house and the board needs to resign in disgrace. This building and its 2 adjoining mansion facades need to be preserved. IT can and should be done without hesitation. NYarch

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