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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book of the Day: Great Houses of America

Great Houses of America by Henry Lionel Williams & Ottalie K. Williams

Mansions of the Gilded Age, "Book of the Day". Today I am going to start a book of the day posting. Each day I will post one book that I either have read or would like to read. I will post primarily about books that relate to, Mansions of the Gilded Age in America, but will also post about books that are related, such as mansions from other countries that may have served as inspiration for the Gilded Age millionaires, when building their own versions in America. I will include books about the families of the period, biographies, social history and occasionally films and documentaries. I also have a very active Facebook group called, "Mansions of the Gilded Age" and will be posting there as well. On Facebook I also have a page called, "Mansions of the Gilded Age Bookstore", If you want to see a larger selection all in one place please visit and LIKE it. Today my first book is, "Great Houses of America" by Henry Lionel Williams and Ottalie K. Williams. This is one of the first books I received as a gift that started my interest in Mansions of the Gilded Age. It was displayed on a gilded brass book stand in my room! It was often open to the chapter on Lyndhurst, I think the first Gilded Age mansion that I ever visited as a child and still my favorite. Buy it HERE at Amazon.

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Anonymous said...

I used to pour over that book as a child too! My Mother still has it in her living room bookcase, and I will still look at it with great interest to this day.
Very much like your blog.

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