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Monday, October 6, 2014

Haunted Mansions of the Gilded Age #6 Ochre Court

Ochre Court, Newport, Rhode Island

Ochre Court in Newport was one of the first European influenced cottages that achieved palace like scale. Built prior to the Cornelius Vanderbilt's cottage, The Breakers a few lots down the cliff walk, Ochre Court still remains one of the most impressive mansions in Newport. Fortunately still surviving as the main administration building for Salve Regina College, the house if one didn't know it was not a private residence anymore, one would think the front door would still be opened by the Butler. Designed by famed architect, Richard Morris Hunt in the French chateau style, it also can be a rather gloomy looking house. Many of the houses in Newport have ghost stories attached to them, and Ochre Court has it's, "Bloody Mary". In the book, "Haunted Newport" by Eleyne Austin Sharp, she writes that students of the college went to investigate a rumor that a ghostly figure of a woman with bloody wrists has been seen floating through the mansion?

Haunted Newport
Haunted Newport by Eleyne Austin Sharp   

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