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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mrs. Astor's Mansion

This was the New York City mansion of "THE MRS. ASTOR", where she held court for New York Society's,"400". Located at 65th & Fifth Avenue and designed by Richard Morris Hunt, this house was a twin mansion for Caroline Astor and her son, John Jacob Astor and his family. Please note the floor plans which have recently been discovered. This magnificent house was demolished circa 1926.


Jeff said...

I am so amazed to FINALLY see plans of this house. It's great to finally be able to layout the house in my head correctly now.

I found your blog by way of Old Long Island, and rest assured, that it will become one of my regulars.

Please, PLEASE, keep up this good work.

Karena said...

Another wonderful post. I would have loved to have see the Astor Picture Gallery! Do you have any interior images?

Art by Karena

Gary Lawrance said...

Hi Karena,

Yes I do! Will Post them soon!

Gary Lawrance said...

Thank You Jeff,
Keep coming back, have an enormous collection to scan!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading "A Season of Splendor" by Greg King about NYC high society, & I'm wondering what happened to all the materials & furnishings in these mansions when they were torn down--marble, stone, woodcarvings, artwork--does anyone know? Gary K.

Jasper said...

great post, i love looking at these 19th century floor plans

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