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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Estate of Nicholas Brady Inisfada, Manhasset, New York

Entrance Facade of Inisfada

Main Staircase of Inisfada

Long Gallery of Inisfada

Daniel Marot Room of Inisfada

Billiard Room of Inisfada

Gothic Sitting Room of Inisfada

Gothic Sitting Room of Inisfada

Chinese Bedroom of Inisfada

Small Gothic bedroom of Inisfada

Painted Dressing Room of Inisfada

Master bedroom of Inisfada

Dining Room of Inisfada

Drawing Room of Inisfada

Great Hall of Inisfada

Click HERE to see the Life Magazine article about the 1937 Auction of this magnificent estate. This property still exists as the St. Ignatius retreat House off of Searingtown Road.

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St. Ignatius Retreat House, Watch the video tour at this site.
Time 1937

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Jeff said...

I've always admired Inisfada. I'm surprised that there isn't more out there about it. You wouldn't have any floor plans to share, would you? I've always wanted to see some floor plans...

Kellsboro Jack said...

Just for an alternative perspective as well you can see the images of the property shot over the last few years:


The ivy on the video seemingly made the stone facade such scarlet color. Where as it actually is quite a gray stone.

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