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Friday, November 11, 2011


Fifth Avenue & 58th Street

Here is a great movie called Ragtime. It's takes place in the early 1900's at the height of New York's, "Gilded Age".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, I have just clicked the link.

Lora said...

Having only dial up, I cannot view the video, but is this picture looking down Fifth Avenue from 58th?

In any event, I wish NYC still looked like this. It had more character back then.


Gary Lawrance said...

Yes,the house on the right was the Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion. This was the townhouse and their summer house was the Breakers in Newport.
Today the department store Bergdorf Goodman is located on the site of the townhouse.

Lora said...

Thanks, Gary.

I am familiar with the area since I worked at 57th and Park for many years. It sure has changed...a lot!


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