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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Demolished Mansions of the Gilded Age

J.P. Morgan, Jr. Mansion, Glen Cove, New York
J.P. Morgan, Jr. Mansion Before Demolition
J.P. Morgan, Jr. Mansion at Glen Cove, Long Island, New York before it's demolition by dynamite in the early 1980s.
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Below are some of the great mansions of the, " Gilded Age" that have been destroyed.
Please look through " Mansions of the Gilded Age" blog for more and to read about the ones here or click on the captions to go directly.

Cornelius Vanderbilt II Mansion, Fifth Avenue, NY

Land's End, Sands Point, NY

Mark Hopkins Mansion, Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA

C.K.G. Billings Mansion named Farnsworth at, Locust Valley, NY

Villa Mille Fiore, Southampton, NY

Sargeant Cram Estate, Old Westbury, NY

Harbor Hill, Roslyn, NY

Jay Gould's Mansion, Fifth Avenue, NY


Anonymous said...

So many fine American homes have been demolished. In architectural history this is a great shame.

Many were more than just homes, they were beautiful works of art, and they should have been kept as homes to love.

Lora said...

This makes me so very sad. How can anyone demolish such beautiful homes? And replace them with what? Modern uglies?

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