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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Gilded Age Millionaires

Here is a 1912 story from McClures Magazine  that tells about the owners of New York.


The Ancient said...

It's an interesting but odd article. Good (but derivative) about the Goelets, mildly dyspeptic about Wendel, and oddly uneven in treating people in the round. (For example, while the Goelets were indeed tight as ticks, one doesn't hear that Dean Hoffman and his brother paid for several large churches out of their own pockets, and that the Dean paid for most of the expansion of his seminary on his own dime.)

It also misses -- omits? -- several other families who invested early 19th century fortunes in Manhattan real estate. (Perhaps this is just a consesequence of the author's desire to give the story a Knickerbocker slant.)

Lastly, I see I haven't given enough thought to how Manhattan's mid and late 19th century architecture was affected by underlying leases.

Thanks for finding and posting it.

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