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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Haunted Mansion of the Gilded Age #15 Ventfort Hall

Ventfort Hall at Lenox, Massachussets
Ventfort Hall was built in 1893 and is located in Lenox, Massachusetts. The house has had a very varied history, with numerous owners and an amazing resurrection from almost demolition. While any house or building can be haunted, Ventfort Hall would be high on the list style wise. A red brick Jacobean mansion with dark Victorian interiors, the house is rumored  to  have its share of strange happenings and sights. A disembodied face supposedly drifts down the beautifully carved wooden staircase and their are whispered voices heard when the house is empty? Please follow the links to read more and decide for yourself if it is just active imaginations or the former occupants returning to their splendid home.

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