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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Haunted Mansion of the Gilded Age # 16 Thornewood

Thornewood Castle, Washington State Haunted Mansion of the Gilded Age # 16
This beautiful elegant Tudor style mansion, located in Lakewood, Washington State was built in 1911 for Chester and Anna Thorne. The mansion was set upon 100 acres, with 37 of them developed into gardens. Today the house remains, but on much reduced acreage and is now run as an Inn. While the house welcomes guests, the original owners, the Thrones seem to carry on as if they never left it. Mr. Thorne died in 1927, but is said to be seen wandering through the house and his wife Anna, who died in 1959, can still be found in her dressing room, her reflection sometimes seen in the original mirror.

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